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Organizations Getting Healthier With Us

How We Can Help Your
Organization Stay Healthier unites entire organization to drive wellness goals
through social support and gamification.

social support

Wellness as a

We use game elements to make wellness fun and engaging. Users compete with their team mates by crushing their health goals and completing challenges.

Social fabric at

We leverage on the power of trusted social network at workplace to create engagement. We bring teams together to drive simple wellness goals at work.

Make wellness work for your organization

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What Makes Us Great As We Are


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Some Great Features

What Makes Us Great As We Are

Adaptive solution

Not everyones wellness needs are same. uses adaptive algorithms to customize the platform to each individual's specific needs.

Wellness analytics

Organizations get access to real time measurable data around the wellness quotient of their organization.

Long term habit formation is designed to create long term wellness habits. Once created the organization reaps benefits every year.


Our mobile apps makes it very easy to engage your workforce with wellness challenges and competition.

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