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Engage your organization in wellness

  • 50% companies feel that employees don’t participate in the wellness initiative

    Companies understand the problem

    the solution, not so much

    Over %   employees expect health to be promoted at workplace. Companies also understand this. Almost all companies provide some sort of health benefits to their employees.

    The problem is employees don’t engage with the initiatives.

  • The amount of money that Indian companies are losing due to poor health of employees

    Wellness initiatives are not just voluntary benefits

    It is strategic

    Workplace wellness has a direct impact on your company's bottomline. From increased productivity to enhanced retention, companies worldwide are using effective wellness programs to reap the benefits of a healthier workforce.

  • Does your wellness initiative let you measure real time results?


    If you cannot measure it, don’t believe it

    We deliver actionable result

    Implementing wellness initiatives at workplace can be a nightmare. How do you justify expenditure when the results can, at best, be measured only partially and are not actionable at all? zoojoo.BE lets you measure result in real time; How about that!

Make wellness work for your organization

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Truly innovative and engaging platform. I love that fact that I can team up with my colleagues to complete health challenges. Never thought that wellness could be so fun. It has positively impacted the energy level at my organization.

Ramakrishna NK CEO, Rang De

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