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Why Zoojoobe works’s cloud and mobile platform uses gamification, trusted social networks and behavioral economics to drive positive health behavior within the organization.

Powerful Technology

We have distilled years of research around habit formation and behaviour change into a powerful cloud and mobile platform

Engaging Gamification

Powerful game mechanisms convert the healthy habit formation journey into a fun game played with friends at work.

Social Engagement

The platform leverages on the strong social fabric existing at workplace among project teams and colleagues.

This wellness tool is innovative, rewarding and increases employee engagement by making wellness adaptive, social and fun. It beats the traditional ways of employee engagement with respect to wellness.


Chitra Byregowda
Head- Sustainability and Diversity,

As part of our commitment to a healthy workplace, we have partnered with to help our associates lead a more balanced, healthy lifestyle. We have driven and implemented multiple wellness campaigns through it and seen an increase in engagement on the platform month on month. Would highly recommend for large organizations.


Baiju Nath
Senior Manager – Global Rewards,

Use Powerful Technology to drive positive behavior change

Give the technology edge to your employee engagement initiative

Re-Defining Workplace Wellness’s wellness engagement has become the center of a case study by
Georgia State University and Indian Institute of management, Bangalore.

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