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ZoojooBE client
How Mindtree used zoojoo.be to create a thriving and engaged organization

Mindtree used zoojoo.be to drive habits across its global locations which helped the employees become more positive & stress-free. The impact was studied by SHRM and released as a report at their annual tech conference. While Mindtree did have a wellbeing engagement strategy prior to using zoojoo.be, it was facing the following issues: 1)    […]

ZoojooBE client
How Unisys used zoojoo.be as a platform to engage different demographics

Unisys used zoojoo.be to engage the associates across different work shifts. By helping them form habits that were relevant to their lifestyle, zoojoo.be delivered a 194% ROI to Unisys. Some of the key wellbeing engagement challenges that Unisys was facing were: 1)    The associates at Unisys work in various shifts which made it very […]

ZoojooBE client
How JLL used zoojoo.be to create wellbeing outcomes trough habit formation

JLL used zoojoo.be to unite the workforce across 40 different locations in India. The platform delivered seamless engagement across remote onsite locations with few employees to corporate offices with 1000’s of employees. JLL was facing a two-fold challenge: 1) Wellbeing challenge – There was a gradual increase in the stress and fatigue levels of the […]