We Deliver Meaningful Outcomes


have formed new healthy habits


started new habits because of their team members


said that their physical activity levels increased


said that they feel more energetic and connected at work

Our Solution

A game based platform designed to get everyone together


Weekly health challenges

Employees compete with each other to crush their weekly health challenges. Challenges are customized for each user making the platform extremely adaptive.


Tracking activities for better habits

We make it easy to track your progress and behavior changes. Our online and mobile tracking interface lets you track your commitment and progress across the challenges that you have taken.


All devices

Zoojoo.be is also available on your smartphone devices. This makes interacting with the platform very easy for your employees.


Get healthy with friends

Employees can create their own teams with their buddies at work. Teams and communities increase social collaboration and help users push each other to form better habits.


Organization level statistics

You get admin access to organizational level analytics on a comprehensive dashboard. Now, you can measure and control the impact of wellness on top line parameters like productivity, stress levels etc.


Worldwide capabilities

zoojoo.be is being used by organizations with employees spread over 4 continents and over 10 countries

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